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Mission Statement

As limnologists, Florida LAKEWATCH’s staff and students work to understand the ecology, chemistry, and physical properties of inland waterbodies and coastal ecosystems. Our primary goal is to work with citizen and community scientists to monitor the quality of Floridian aquatic ecosystems. This collaboration generates research-quality data that is useful for stakeholders and management programs. Additionally, LAKEWATCH conducts novel limnological research, provides meaningful public extension and education, and helps train the next generation of limnologists through undergraduate and graduate teaching. 

Program objectives 

  1. Track the long-term water quality of Floridian aquatic ecosystems and monitor temporal changes. 
  2. Assess natural variations in the chemistry and ecology of aquatic ecosystems, to better understand the impact of current and future anthropogenic changes. 
  3. Research issues of both emerging and long-standing concern that impact the limnology and management of aquatic ecosystems in Florida and beyond. 
  4. Bolster the role of citizen and community science in environmental water research and the management of aquatic ecosystems.  

photo of a lakewatch director Mark Hoyer holding a bumper sticker that reads have you hugged a limnologist today