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Meet the staff and supporters.

Mark V. Hoyer

LAKEWATCH Director, Research Programs and services

Office: (352) 273-3611

Dr. Daniel E. Canfield, Jr

Founder of LAKEWATCH and Professor, Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences

Office: (352) 273-3625

Regional Coordinators, Field Biologists
and Administration

Jason "Mo" Bennett

Biological Scientist

Office (352) 273-3639

Christy Horsburgh

Senior Biological Scientist

Office: (352) 273-3625

David Watson

Coordinator, Research Programs and Services

Office: (352) 273-3641

Daniel J. Willis

Coordinator, Research Programs and Services

Office: (352) 273-3638

Mary Lettelier


Office: (352) 392-4817

Water Chemistry Laboratory

Steve Banes

Lab Technician

Claude Brown


Tad DeGroat

Lab Technician

Robert Gallagher

Lab Technician

Ivelisse Ruiz-Bernard

Lab Technician

Research Publications and Website Coordination

Dr. Roger Bachmann

Research Professor

Dr. Marilyn Bachmann

Courtesy Professor

Other Personnel

Hunter Munsell

Hudson Munsell

Joe Deen

Colton Hasson

Graduate Students

Chao Xiong

Master's Student

From left: Steve, Dan, Claude, Ivelisse, Robert, Mary, Tad, Colton, Jason (Mo), Chao, Christy, Hunter, David, Mark