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UF/IFAS research highlight of the FLorida LAKEWATCH program
, LAKEWATCH Director Mark Hoyer


Establishing numeric nutrient criteria for Florida lakes
, Dr. Dan Canfield


Problems with the proposed (now adopted) numeric nutrient criteria for Florida lakes
, Dr. Roger Bachmann

Bathymetric Maps

Clicking on the lake name will take you to the bathymetric map which has been made by Florida LAKEWATCH. Maps provided on this web site are in PDF (a few in gif) format. Water quality data, currently through May 8, 2014, are also available for downloading through the database.

Lake County
Ada Seminole
Adelaide Highlands
Alice Alachua
Allen Walton
Alligator Osceola
Alto Alachua
Alyssa Leon
Anderson Cue Putnam
Ann St. Lucie
Annie Polk
Annie Putnam
Arbuckle Polk
Asbury North Clay
Barco Putnam
Bay Lake
Bay Orange
Bear Lake
Bear Seminole
Beauclaire Lake
Bedford Bradford
Bellamy Citrus
Bennett Orange
Beresford Volusia
Bessie Orange
Big Bass Polk
Big Lake Volusia
Big Red Fish Walton
Blue Highlands
Blue Lake
Blue Volusia
Blue Cypress Indian River
Blue Heron Leon
Boca Cove Polk
Bonnet Highlands
Bonny Polk
Bradford Leon
Brooklyn Clay
Broward Putnam
Butler Orange
Byrd Highlands
Camp Creek Walton
Carlton Orange
Carrie Highlands
Cassidy Holmes
Center Osceola
Charles Marion
Charlotte Highlands
Cherry Lake
Chilton Highlands
Chipco Putnam
Christina Pasco
Clay Highlands
Clear Lake
Clearwater2 Putnam
Cliff Broward
Como Putnam
Cooley Lake
Coon Osceola
Cowpen Putnam
Cranes Roost Seminole
Crenshaw Hillsborough
Crews Highlands
Crooked Lake
Crooked Polk
Crown Lake
Crystal Clay
Crystal Lake
David Lake
David St. Lucie
Davis Orange
Deborah St. Lucie
Deer Walton
Deerback Marion
Delavoe Broward
Denham Lake
Denton Highlands
DeWitt St. Lucie
Dexter Polk
Diane Leon
Dinner Highlands
Disston Flagler
Dodd Citrus
Dora Lake
Dorr Lake
Down Orange
Draper Walton
E Miami-Dade
Eagle Polk
Eagle Pond Highlands
East Pasco
East Toho Osceola
Eastern Walton
Eaton Marion
Ella Lake
Ella2 Lake
Emma Lake
Emporia Volusia
Erie Leon
Fish Lake
Flora Polk
Floral City Citrus
Florence Seminole
Florida Seminole
Flynn Hillsborough
Forest Brevard
Formosa Orange
Fox Walton
Francis Highlands
Fruitwood Seminole
Fuller Walton
Gaskin's Cut Polk
Gatlin Orange
Georges Putnam
Gentry Osceola
Gertrude Lake
Gillis Putnam
Glenada Highlands
Goose Putnam
Gracie Lake
Grasshopper Lake
Grandin Putnam
Grassy Highlands
Grayton Walton
Griffin Leon
Haines Polk
Halfmoon Marion
Hall Leon
Hampton Bradford
Harney Volusia
Harris Lake
Hartridge Polk
Henry Polk
Hermosa Lake
Hernando Citrus
Hiawatha Leon
Hickorynut Orange
Hidden Alachua
Higgenbotham Putnam
Highland Miami-Dade
Highland Orange
Hill Highlands
Holden Alachua
Holden Orange
Holly Lake
Howell Seminole
Huntley Highlands
Istokpoga Highlands
Ivanhoe Orange
Jackson Highlands
Lake County
James St. Lucie
Jem Lake
Joanna Lake
Joes Marion
Josephine Highlands
John's Orange
Jovita Pasco
June Highlands
Karen St. Lucie
Kingsley Clay
Kirkpatrick Alachua
Kissimmee Osceola
Lillian Highlands
Lily Clay
Little Bass Polk
Little Bear Seminole
Little Conway Orange
Little Crystal Clay
Little Henderson Citrus
Little Holly Lake
Little Jackson Highlands
Little Orange Alachua
Little Redwater 2 Highlands
Little Santa Fe Alachua
Little Weir Marion
Lizzie Osceola
Loch Leven Lake
Lochloosa Alachua
Longleaf Leon
Lorna Doone Orange
Lorraine Lake
Lotela Highlands
Louisa Lake
Lucy Lake
Margaret St. Lucie
Mary Jane Orange
Mcloud Putnam
McCoy Highlands
McMeekin Putnam
Melrose Bay Alachua
Mill Dam Marion
Minnehaha Lake
Minnehaha Orange
Minneola Lake
Minniehaha Leon
Mirror Highlands
Mirror Lake
Monkey Business Leon
Moore Leon
Morris Putnam
Morris Walton
Moss Alachua
Moxie Orange
North Marion
North Conway Orange
North Lotta Orange
North Twin Putnam
Oakland Miami-Dade
Ola Orange
Olivia Highlands
Olympia Orange
Orange Alachua
Oyster Walton
Padgett Pasco
Palm Brevard
Peanut Pond Lake
Persimmon Highlands
Pioneer Highlands
Placid Highlands
Powell  Bay
Primavista Orange
Red Beach Highlands
Redwater Highlands
Reedy Polk
Reinheimer Hillsborough
Richmond Orange
Riley Putnam
Rochelle Polk
Rosa Putnam
Ross Putnam
Rowan Putnam
Royal Lake
Sampson Bradford
Santa Fe Alachua
Santiago Orange
Sawmill Lake
Saxon Pasco
Scrub Jay Lake
Sebring Highlands
Sellers Lake
Seminary Seminole
Seminole Pasco
Shannon Orange
Sheelar Clay
Shelly Pond Leon
Silver Lake
Silver Leon
Silver Orange
Small Citrus
Smith Marion
South Conway Orange
South Lotta Orange
South Talmadge Volusia
Spring Seminole
Spring Walton
Spring 2 Orange
Spring Pond Leon
Star Putnam
Starke Orange
Stick Marsh Indian River
Suggs Putnam
Summerset Leon
Sunset Harbor Marion
Susan Lake
Swan Putnam
Talavana Gadsden
Tavares Lake
Tibet Orange
Timber Hamilton
Todd Citrus
Trout Highlands
Trout Lake
Trout Osceola
Tsala Apopka Citrus
TsalaApopka S. Citrus
Twin Clay
Unity Lake
Valkaria Brevard
Verona Highlands
Viola Highlands
Wauberg Alachua
Weir Marion
Weohyakapka Polk
West Crystal Seminole
Western Walton
Western NE Walton
Wildcat Lake
Willis Orange
Wilson Hillsborough
Winnemissett Volusia
Winnott Putnam
Winona Lake
Winyah Orange
Wolf Highlands
Woods Seminole
Wooten Jefferson