Florida LAKEWATCH  and Fishing for Success
Meet The Florida LAKEWATCH Team
Founder: Dr. Daniel E. Canfield, Jr.

Dan Canfield is a Professor of Limnology in the University of Florida's Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. His specialty is the management of aquatic ecosystems. A native of Connecticut, he obtained a Bachelor of Science in 1973 from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. He obtained both a Master of Science and a doctoral degree (Ph.D) from Iowa State University in Ames. He joined the UF faculty in 1979 and began his research program by studying the regional limnology of Florida lakes. Since then, he and his team of students and research biologists have conducted numerous studies on Florida lake limnology and published more than 100 papers and books on the subject.

Dr. Canfield has served as President of the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS), and he is a recipient of its prestigious Secchi Disk Award for his many contributions to the preservation of America's lakes. He also received the Edward Deevey, Jr. Award for his contributions to understanding Florida's lakes from the Florida Lake Management Society in 1996. He is founder of Florida LAKEWATCH, our pioneering citizen-volunteer water quality monitoring program involving over 1200 lakes statewide, and now being emulated across the United States. He also is one of the founders of  "Fishing for Success", which received a national award in 2003 and continues to provide fishing and aquatic experiences for children and families in 2015.

e-mail: decan@ufl.edu     Phone: 352-273-3620

For more information and resume, go to Dr. Canfield's faculty page in FAS. See also pages in this web site for Dr. Roger Bachmann and Mark Hoyer for publications co-authored with Dr. Canfield.

Publications by Dr. Canfield and this laboratory group using Florida LAKEWATCH data are listed on LW Publications.

Dr. Canfield's Resume (updated 2013)

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