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Florida Lake Types

1. Coastal Dune Lakes
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Lakewatch Chats:

1. Establishing Numeric Nutrient
Criteria in Florida lakes.
(Prof. D.E. Canfield,Jr.)

2. Problems With the Proposed
(now adopted)
Numeric Nutrient Criteria
in Florida lakes.
(Prof. R.W. Bachmann)

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Do You Know?

Between 1986 and 2012 our Florida LAKEWATCH volunteers sampled, in 59 counties, a total of: 2278 water bodies, including 1572 lakes, 339 coastal sites, 356 river sites, and 11 springs!

Sampled in 2013: 777 water bodies: 500 lakes, 128 coastal sites,149 river/spring sites. Sampling continues and data can be downloaded.

Maps of sampling sites (Source)
Coastal Sites
Lake Sites
River/spring Sites
Sampling sites shown on Florida Nutrient Zones for
1) Total Nitrogen
2) Total Phosphorus.
Sampling sites shown for:
Water Management Districts

Water Sample Collection Centers

Water Sample Pickup Dates

Read our findings : Survey of toxic algal (microcystin) distribution in Florida lakes. by D.L. Bigham, M.V. Hoyer and D. E. Canfield, Jr. (2009)

We have 3 recent journal articles on Numeric Nutrient Criteria in Florida Lakes (Lake and Reservoir Manage. Vol 28, March, 2012).

You can find information on aquatic plants from UF's Center for Aquatic Plants Library (CAIP)

Learn more: about LAKEWATCH and Fishing for Success, including awards won; about lakes, lake management and aquatic ecology; and links to other related sites.



Florida's Lakes

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For more information about Florida LAKEWATCH, Contact:

University of Florida  IFAS, School of Forest Resources and Conservation

Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

7922 NW 71st Street 
Gainesville, FL 32653
Toll Free Message Line: 1-800-LAKEWATCH (525-3928) 
Phone: 352/392-4817 
Fax: 352/392-4902 
Univ. of Florida PO: 110600



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